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Just as small breasts cause dissatisfaction and low self-esteem, women with large breasts also have discomfort and even anatomical problems, since the excessive weight of their breasts can cause back damage, difficulty breathing and lack of acceptance of this part from her body.


For these cases, plastic surgery offers the possibility of reducing the size through a reduction mammoplasty, through which we can eliminate excess fat, tissue and skin.


Before proceeding to a reduction mammoplasty, in addition to the routine examinations necessary for surgery, we must consider the condition of the skin, shape and size of the breasts, in order to obtain a satisfactory medical and aesthetic result.


Reduction mammoplasty can be performed with different techniques, among the most used is the pedicle method with an inverted T, J or L-shaped scar. We remove excess skin and tissue, reposition the areola-nipple complex and proceed to suture , with which we obtain the new shape of the breast. In cases that require reducing excess fat, it is possible to perform liposuction through the armpit.



The recovery time for reduction mammoplasty ranges from 10 days to 2 weeks. Scars become less visible in months or a year.

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