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Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is performed in patients older than 6 years of age to correct deformities of their ears and even to build them, in case of total absence of the ear. It must be performed by a certified Plastic Surgeon.

What we most frequently perform is surgery for detached or separated ears.

Anesthesia: local plus sedation.

Duration of surgery: 1 to 2 hours

otoplastia imagen 1.png

Procedure: after sedating the patient, we proceed to mark the points of the ear to delimit the area to be intervened.

Manually, we recreate the correct position of the ear to define how the anti-helix fold will look after the intervention. We make an incision behind the ear to expose and reshape the cartilage.

We use the marked points to give the correct anatomical shape to the ear, improve its position and reinforce the fixation of the new position of the shell.


There are two types of intervention; If the separation is not very pronounced, the cartilage is folded and the skin is sutured, and if the detachment is very large, the cartilage is anchored to the skull and the excess skin is removed.

It does not require hospitalization so the patient can return home a few hours after having performed the operation.

Postoperative: we place an elastic band so that the ears finish fixing, keep them aseptic and allow them to heal.

otoplastia imagen 2.png

The results are appreciable from the first moment where it is appreciated that the ears are glued to the head.

otoplastia imagen 3.png
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